Senior Furnishings

Senior Furnishings

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease that causes a degeneration to the brain leading to early death.  “In the U.S. one in three seniors die from this debilitating disease, and of that number two-thirds of the seniors are women.  Dementia Care is an ever growing industry in the U.S. where the cost is currently $226 billion per year and expected to grow to 1.1 trillion by 2050” as reported by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

When a senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and they need acute care, one option is to be placed into a Memory Support Unit (MSU), where they provide dementia care.  The interior design visual goal for the interior spaces of a MSU, is to ensure that the space is as residential as possible removing all hints of an institutional feel.  Senior Furnishings is a company based in Pasadena, California that provides furniture, artwork, and décor, specifically designed for MSU interior environments.

They offer a complete line of senior living furniture that ensures it is designed and constructed with seniors in mind. It is important in dementia care, that as motor skills degrade, furniture works in helping it make easier for seniors to sit and or stand from a sitting position.  Senior Furnishings offers, dining chairs, casual chairs, recliners, wing chairs, loveseats, and even sofas that are all crafted to dementia care specifications. 

In addition, Senior Furnishings offers fabrics which are stain, mildew, and mold resistant, that is also easily cleanable in case an accidental spill or incontinence occurs. The selections of fabric are endless, over 900 varying in all colors, patterns, and colors.  It seems there is a possible choice for any type of interior design from progressive to traditional.

If you have a Memory Support Unit that you are constructing or remodeling, I recommend you take a further look at Senior Furnishings to help complete your space.  Everything they offer, can help to create the perfect MSU environment for all of your furnishing needs.

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